Those wishing to be married at the Vineyard Westside must be a professing Christian and desire a Christ-centered relationship. Marriage is not merely a civil agreement between two parties; it is a sacred covenant that springs from the very heart of the One who created it. And it was designed to glorify Him. Getting married is a major life decision, second only to your decision to receive and follow Christ. We commit so see that as a married couple you will have a spiritually sound, God-honoring, blessed and meaningful start to your walk together. For more information and to receive a wedding packet please email

Room Rental

Vineyard Westside considers its facility as a gift from God.  We have relationships with several community organizations for ongoing use of its meeting rooms. Availability is considered for local organizations and individuals for one-time or short-term use. If you are interested in pricing and availability please view our room rental waiver and policies please email

Prayer Request

We would love to pray for you. Please send your prayer request to the Vineyard Westside prayer team at email


When the walk of life takes a different turn, we at Vineyard Westside want to be available to help you make a forward step. We hope this information will help in making the days ahead as clear as they can be. We ask that God would give you his comfort and strength during the most difficult time. Please email or call 513-922-7897.

Sozo Prayer

Sozo is a Greek word used frequently throughout the New Testament that means saved, healed, and delivered.
Many individuals are stuck in a life-style of brokenness that can stem from lies that we have believed about ourselves for years. Others are dealing with situations out of their control. Sozo combines simple Spirit-led prayer and confidential conversation to get to the root of these destructive issues and to bring life-changing truth. Sozo is not counseling, however, further counseling or mentoring may be encouraged to help continue one’s newly-found freedom.
For more information, or to set up a Sozo session email


Currently Vineyard Westside does not provide professional counseling. However, we have put together a resource of professional counseling services that we recommend. Check out our recommended professional counseling services.