seriously, We can't wait to see you.

Not sure what to expect when you show up on your first Sunday. We've got your covered. Here are some of the basics you won't be too surprised when you show up.


Keepin' it Casual

Seriously, pretty much anything goes. Jeans, sweatpants, sneakers. You might not want to show up in a little party dress, but heck, that'll work too. 

Coffee & Music

Grab your self a cup of joe and head into the main auditorium. We'll play a few songs. Some people might raise their hands and get excited. No need to worry, this is just their way of expressing their love for their creator. Just sit back and relax, try to soak it in and see if God might have something to say to you. 



The Message

After the music, we'll jump into a few announcements and then Ryan or another speaker will share a message for the next bit.