Do you like to connect to the heart of God through prayer? Do you have a passion to pray for others? Do you have a heart to spend time with God as an intercessor? If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to have you. Our job is to hold the VWS body and the Westside of Cincinnati up in prayer through several ministries including Intercessory Prayer, After Service Prayer Teams, prayer worship events, Sozo and more. If your interested in serving in this volunteer area, please email


Scrubbing floors, mopping and sweeping. It may not be glamorous work, but it’s a wonderful way to serve and help out Vineyard Westside. Grab your life group and sign up for a monthly cleaning or get a group of friends together. If you have spare time we would love to have it. Please contact Rose at

Welcoming Team

Are you looking for an easy place to get started serving? We have a variety of low risk opportunities for you to get your feet wet. Our weekend events team consists of a combination of folks who love to help others find a seat, a parking spot, or a cup of coffee; and those who are a little more well versed in the technical arena of life (this is where us introverts can shine). We would welcome your help and your hospitality if you’d like to be a part of an exciting group of people who love to find easy ways of serving and connecting. If your interested in serving in this volunteer area, please take a moment and email


Do you love working with kids? Do you take a lot of joy in watching God come into the life of a young person and watching them transform right in front of you? Are you the person who connects with kids that no one else can reach? If so, we are looking for willing adults who can help the next generation see God for themselves. In this area of service we are looking for willing hearts and serving hands in our Nursery, Pre-school, and Student Ministries classes. If you are interested in changing the lives of kids by showing them what God is really like, please take a moment and fill email


Do you love to serve people? Do you have a heart to see the Westside and the world changed through random acts of kindness, or community events? Do you like great coffee and great conversation in a very cool space? If any of these describe you, we need you on the outreach team. It is our desire to touch the lives of thousands of people on the Westside and around the globe by serving them as Christ would. If your interested in seeing lives changed all around you, please take a moment and contact